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On Friday, I took a mental health day off from work and went to the Northeast Crossfit Regionals with my gal, Leila.  Crossfit Florian made it as a team into the competition and I was stoked to see some people that I know personally compete.  They are rocking this weekend…so happy for them!  I was supposed to judge this year, but had to withdraw because of my shoulder issues.  It worked out, as I…

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Hai Friends and those of you that are still cruising past my blog.  Been struggling with what to post, if anything, for awhile now.

I decided to take an un-structured hiatus from Craic / Crossfit.  My return date is yet to be set.  I’m really happy with my decision.  The pressure of trying to find workouts to do without making my shoulder worse started to really eat at me.  I can’t describe it,…

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These are quite possibly the CUTEST wild felines I have ever seen.  Not to be confused with Cat Sand.

These are quite possibly the CUTEST wild felines I have ever seen. Not to be confused with Cat Sand.

Only cat related Sand Bag I could find on the interwebs.

Only cat related “sandbag” I could find on the interwebs.

Today’s workout was a bench workout and one of the tests for No Bread, a healthy eating lifestyle type contest that Craic does a couple of times per year.  Jarrod asked me if I had a plan this morning, to which I said “No.” and he said…

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This weekend was a total a-hole. Okay, not a total one, but Sunday definitely was.  Not going to go into details quite yet, but my cat, Feynman, has a rough road ahead of him.  He’s been with Niko and I since the beginning.  So any good thoughts you could send his way would be appreciated. I spent most of yesterday crying.

Feynman, the man!

Feynman, the man!

Then, in Jarrod’s words, I was kind of an a**hole to…

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This would be me...and why I'm terrified of hurdles.

This would be me…and why I’m terrified of hurdles.

Those squats yesterday.  They murdered my legs.  If I’m standing still for a long time (like I do at my desk) or sitting and try to stand up, it’s painful.  But in a good way.  In a way which I know I will get stronger.

I’m going to call out (1) Niko and (2) Will the Intern.

Me (Monday): Wednesday is a running and rowing partner workout.  I wish…

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Today was my first day back at Craic in about 1.5 months.  Seems like forever, and I definitely had some jitters walking through the doors for the workout.  The workout, as written was get to your 1RM backsquat, using some German method of some sort to get there.

John was coaching, and since me 1RM’ing today would likely frustrate me, he told me to do 6×10 front squats (shoulder won’t let me get…

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PAX East recap!

Long time since I posted.  Some because I haven’t been working out, but mostly because I’ve been crazy preparing for a big show for my company called PAX East.  Lots of media about PAX in this post so you can see what I do in my other life.   It was an awesome show and I hope that I did good by the Infinite Crisis team and all the hard work they put into making this game a success.  We had a huge…

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Today, Mike “Dork” Kenndy, is being laid to rest after passing away in the line of duty, fighting a fire in downtown Boston.  He was 33.  I did now know him as well as others, but I consider myself very lucky to have known him.  He was a great friend, Crossfit coach, former Marine, Boston Fire Fighter…and so much more.

My first pair of Reebok custom nanos say “Craic Stina” because that’s what he…

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Mike “Dork” Kennedy


RIP Mike “Dork” Kennedy.

Originally posted on SARAMCEVOY.COM:


I am thankful that when I last saw him a few weeks ago we hugged. He played a unique role in the Craic community as well as many other gyms fortunate to have gotten to know him. Mike was a herowho died doing something he loved. I’ve never met anyone quite like him. The sheer volume of people affected by his sudden and…

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Went to PT. Progress is happening. Mobility is improving for front movement. Side and back, not so much – but step by step I guess.

Today is Niko’s birthday and instead of going to a fancy dinner, he opted to do this instead:



What a difference a year makes, eh? This time last year I was spinning my wheels convincing him that he should try Crossfit and him basically telling me it wasn’t going…

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Went to PT yesterday.  Seeing some real progress on my shoulder mobility.  Which is a good thing to see.  I also got a fancy pulley to do shoulder work every day.  It’s super low-tech, but the technology / mechanics of it seems to have withstood the test of time.  They haven’t even upgraded the box design – that’s how confident they are in the technology :)


Actual box for the pulley that I…

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Big week last week.  Didn’t get a workout in other than Monday.  But we launched a game into Open Beta – and that’s a win :)

Went to PT a couple of times last week – Craig did some crazy and extremely painful stretching of my shoulder.  No idea why, but completely burst into tears and couldn’t stop. #cantstopwontstop  Not usually a crier, so…yea…I guess sometimes we all need a good cry?  He…

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What Do You Fight For?

So, I’ve had some late nights and little sleep.  Last night we kicked off a 24-hour stream to celebrate Open Beta for the game I work on, Infinite Crisis.  

Three Jobs and an Artist

So, since moving back to New England after being in Los Angeles for close to 12 years, I’ve worked three jobs.  Once at Turbine, then at 38 Studios, then at Turbine again.  At all three places, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Devon Cady-Lee, an immensely talented artist.  He has since left Turbine to go work for a company in Seattle, but as a parting gift, I kindly requested (forced, via…

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Had to go to the gym this morning, time to rip the band-aid off and get back to working out.  Knew that I had to take it easy on weights and stuff, but was unprepared for just how easy I would have to take it.  Like Jarrod has reminded me at times, I am not quitting crossfit anytime soon – I have as long as I need to recover – so I need to just take my time and mentally prepare myself for a slow…

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